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[CONFERENCE] K. Wac, A. K. Dey, A. Vasilakos. (2010) "Body Area Networks for Ambulatory Psychophysiological Monitoring: A Survey of Off-the-Shelf Sensor Systems." in Proc. IEEE 5th Intl Conf. on Body Area Networks (IEEE BodyNets 2010), Corfu, Greece, September 2010.

[JOURNAL] Kim, S. and Dey, A.K. (2010) AR interfacing with prototype 3D applications based on user-centered interactivity, Computer-Aided Design, Special issue on Advanced and emerging virtual and augmented reality technologies in product design, Vol 42, Issue 5, May 2010, pp.373-386. (pdf)

[WORKSHOP] K. Wac and A. K. Dey. (2010) "emoBAN: Improving Quality of Life via Psychophysiological Mobile Computing (Position Paper)." in Proc. Brain Body and Bytes: Psychophysiological User Interaction Workshop (CHI 2010), Atlanta, Georgia, US, April 2010.

[CONFERENCE] S. Rosenthal and A. K. Dey. (2010) "Towards Maximizing the Accuracy of Human-Labeled Sensor Data." in Proc. International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2010), February 2010. (to appear)

[JOURNAL] Shin, C., Dey, A.K., and Woo, W. (2010) Toward Combining Automatic Resolution with Social Mediation for Resolving Multi-user Conflicts. To appear in the Cybernetics and Systems Journal.


[CONFERENCE] B. D. Ziebart, N. Ratliff, G. Gallagher, C. Mertz, K. Peterson, J. A. Bagnell, M. Hebert, A K. Dey, S. Srinivasa. (2009). Planning-based Prediction for Pedestrians. International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). October 2009. (pdf)

[INVITED TALK] Lee. M. L. & Dey, A. K. “Creating Salient Summaries for People with Episodic Memory Impairment” (2009) Invited Talk at First Annual SenseCam Conference, Chicago, IL. October 15-16, 2009. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE]Lim, B. Y., Dey, A. K. (2009). Assessing Demand for Intelligibility in Context-Aware Applications. In Proc. Ubicomp '09, pp. 195-204. Orlando, FL, USA. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] S. Rosenthal, A. K. Dey', M. Veloso. (2009) "How Robots' Questions Affect the Accuracy of the Human Responses." in Proc. International Symposium on Robot-Human Interactive Communication (Ro-Man 2009), September 2009. (pdf)

[WORKSHOP] S. Rosenthal, A. K. Dey, M. Veloso. (2009) "Using Interaction to Improve Intelligence: How Intelligent Systems Should Ask Users for Input" Workshop on Intelligence and Interaction, International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI 2009), July 2009. (pdf)

[WORKSHOP] S. Rosenthal, M. Veloso, A. K. Dey. (2009) "Online Selection of Mediated and Domain-Specific Predictions for Improved Recommender Systems" Workshop on Intelligent Techniques in Web Personalization and Recommender Systems, (IJCAI 2009), July 2009. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] N. Ratliff, B. D. Ziebart, K. Peterson, J. A. Bagnell, M. Hebert, A.K. Dey, S. Srinivasa. (2009). Inverse Optimal Heuristic Control for Imitation Learning. Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS). April 2009. 424-431. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Kim, S. and Dey, A. K. (2009). Simulated augmented reality windshield display as a cognitive mapping aid for elder driver navigation. In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Boston, MA, USA, April 04 - 09, 2009). CHI '09. pp133-142. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Lim, B. Y., Dey, A. K., and Avrahami, D. (2009). Why and why not explanations improve the intelligibility of context-aware intelligent systems. In Proceedings of the 27th international Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Boston, MA, USA, April 04 - 09, 2009). CHI '09. 2119-2128. Best Paper Nominee

[CONFERENCE] S. Rosenthal, M. Veloso, A. K. Dey. (2009) Asking Questions and Developing Trust. AAAI Spring Symposium - Agents that Learn from Humans Teachers, Technical Report SS-09-01, March 2009. (pdf)

CONFERENCE] Ziebart, B.D., Bagnell, J.A. and Dey, A.K. Human Behavior Modeling with Maximum Entropy Inverse Optimal Control. AAAI Spring Symposium on Human Behavior Modeling, Technical Report SS-09-04, March 2009.

[JOURNAL] Dey, A.K. (2009) Modeling and intelligibility in ambient environments. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, 1(1), pp. 47-62, 2009.

[CONFERENCE] Goel, D., Kher, E., Joag, S., Mujumdar, V., Griss, M., and Dey, A.K. (2009) Context-Aware Authentication Framework. To appear in the Proceedings of First Annual Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services (MobiCASE 2009).

[CONFERENCE] Pavel, D., Callaghan, V., Dey, A.K., and Gardner, M. (2009) Supporting Introspective Behaviours through Technology. Proceedings of Intelligent Environments 2009.

[CONFERENCE] Kuznetsov, S., Dey, A.K., and Hudson, S.E. (2009) The Effectiveness of Haptic Cues as an Assistive Technology for Human Memory. Proceedings of Pervasive 2009, pp. 168-175.

[CONFERENCE] Dey, A.K. and Newberger, A. (2009) Support for Context Intelligibility and Control. Proceedings of CHI 2009, pp. 859-868. Best Paper Nominee

[CONFERENCE] Li, I., Dey, A.K., and Forlizzi, J. Using Contextual Information to Improve Awareness of Physical Activity. Engaging Data 2009, Boston, MA, 2009. (pdf)


[BOOK CHAPTER] Lee, M.K., Davidoff, S., Zimmerman, J., and Dey, A.K. (2008). Designing for control: Finding roles for smart homes. In P. Desmet, J. van Erp, and M. Karlsson (eds.), Design & Emotion Moves (pp. 246-266). UK:Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (pdf)

[POSTER] Lee, M. L. and Dey, A. K. Wearable Experience Capture for People with Episodic Memory Impairment. Poster in Proceedings of the international Symposium on Wearable Computing (Pittsburgh, PA, September 28-30, 2008). (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Lee, M. L. and Dey, A. K. Lifelogging memory appliance for people with episodic memory impairment. In Proceedings of the 10th international Conference on Ubiquitous Computing (Seoul, Korea, September 21 - 24, 2008). UbiComp '08, vol. 344. pp. 44-53.(pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Ziebart, B.D., Maas, A.L., Dey, A.K., and Bagnell, J.A., Navigate Like a Cabbie: Probabilistic Reasoning from Observed Context-Aware Behavior. Proceedings of UbiComp 2008, pp. 322-331,September 2008.

[CONFERENCE] Shin, C., Dey, A.K.,Dey, A.K. and Woo. W. (2008) Mixed-Initiative Conflict Resolution for Context-Aware Applications. Proceedings of Ubicomp 2008, pp. 262-271.

[CONFERENCE] Ziebart, B.D., Dey, A.K., and Bagnell, J.A., Fast Planning for Dynamic Preferences. Proceedings of International Conference on Automated Planing and Scheduling 2008, pp. 412-419, September 2008.

[CONFERENCE] Ziebart, B.D., Maas, A., Bagnell, J.A., and Dey, A.K. (2008) Maximum Entropy Inverse Reinforcement Learning. Proceedings of AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, pp. 1433-1438, July 2008. Distinguished for being an exceptional full paper, selected for presentation both as a paper and a poster

[JOURNAL] Kim, S., Mahalik N.P., Dey, A.K., Ryu, J. & Ahn, B. (2008) Feasibility and infrastructure study of AR interfacing and intuitive simulation on 3D nonlinear systems, Comput. Stand. Interfaces, vol. 30.(1-2), January 2008, 36-51. (pdf)

[BOOK CHAPTER] Dey, A.K., & Hakkila, J. (2008) Context-awareness and Mobile Computing. In Lumsden, J (ed.) Handbook of Research on User Interface Design and Evaluation for Mobile Technology. Idea Group, Inc. Chapter 13, pp. 205-217, 2008.

[BOOK CHAPTER] Dey, A.K. (2008) It Really is All About Location! In T. Erickson and D.W. McDonald (eds.) HCI Remixed: Essays on Works that Have Influenced the HCI Community. MIT Press. Chapter 10, pp. 61-66. 2008.

[CONFERENCE] Dey, A.K. (2008) Modeling and Adding Intelligibility to Human Activity. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality, pp. 5-8.

[CONFERENCE] Harrison, C. and Dey, A.K.(2008) Lean and Zoom: Proximity-Aware User Interface and Content Magnification. Note in Proceedings of CHI 2008, pp. 507-510.

[CONFERENCE] Hsieh, G., Li, I., Dey, A.K., Forlizzi, J., and Hudson, S. Using Visualizations to Increase Compliance in Experience Sampling. Ubicomp 2008, Seoul, Korea, 2008, pp. 164-167. (pdf)


[CONFERENCE] Davidoff, S., Lee, M.K., Dey, A.K. & Zimmerman, J. (2007) Rapidly exploring application design through Speed Dating, in Proceedings of Ubicomp 2007, 429-446.(pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Lee, M.K., Davidoff, S., Dey, A.K. & Zimmerman, J. (2007) Smart bag: Managing home and raising children, in Proceedings of Designing Pleasureable Products and Interfaces 2007, pp. 434-437. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Lee, M.L. and Dey, A.K. Providing Good Memory Cues for People with Episodic Memory Impairment. Proceedings of the 9th international ACM SIGACCESS conference on Computers and Accessibility, pp. 131-138. October 2007. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Li, I., Forlizzi, J., Dey, A.K., and Kiesler, S. My Agent as Myself: Effects on Credibility and Listening to Advice. Proceedings of Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces 2007, pp. 194-208. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Ziebart, B.D., Dey, A.K., and Bagnell, J.A., Learning Selectively Conditioned Forest Structures with Applications to DBNs and Classification, in Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Vancouver, BC, July 2007. (pdf)

[CONFERENCE] Hurst, A., Mankoff, J., Dey, A.K. and Hudson, S.E. (2007) Dirty Desktops: Using a Patina of Magnetic Mouse Dust to Make Common Interactor Targets Easier to Select. Proceedings of User Interfaces, Software and Technologies (UIST 2007), pp. 183-186.

[CONFERENCE] Tullio, J., Dey, A.K., Fogarty, J. and Chalecki, J. (2007) How it Works: A Field Study of Non-Technical Users Interacting with an Intelligent System. Proceedings of CHI 2007, pp. 31-40.

[BOOK CHAPTER] Torrey, C., Burke, M., Lee, M.L., Dey, A.K., Fussell, S. and Kiesler, S. (2007) Approaches to Authority in Online Disaster Relief Communities after Hurricane Katrina. In Weisband, S. (ed.) Leadership at a Distance: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Chapter 12, pp. 223-248. 2007.

[CONFERENCE] Torrey, C., Burke, M., Lee, M.L., Dey, A.K., Fussell, S. and Kiesler, S. (2007) Connected Giving: Ordinary People Coordinating Disaster Relief on the Internet. Proceedings of HICSS 2007, pp. 179.

Current Projects

ambient displays, augmenting a wheelchair and its environment to enhance communication, designing user interfaces for the setting of privacy preferences in ubiquitous computing environments, programming support for context-aware and sensor-rich environments (toolkits and programming environments), and visualizations of sensor networks.

Look here for an up-to-date list of my research interests (pdf).

Seminars and Research Groups

A research group I co-lead with Professor Jennifer Mankoff, on the topic of alternative forms of input and output

A reading group on ubiquitous computing and human-computer interaction research issues, co-organized with Professor Jennifer Mankoff

Group for User Interface Research

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